Our Vision

There’s a perception that technology is scary, a dark art, an esoteric area of knowledge that ‘normal people’ can’t understand. We want to neutralise that perception and give you systems that are easy to use.

We know that communication is essential to the success of your organisation and its culture and, now more than ever, technology is fundamental to that success. Hereworks is the alchemy that creates community from technology.

Our Experience

Hereworks originated from McKeon Group, so construction is in our DNA. We know how tight programmes are these days, we understand the stringent Health and Safety requirements on site, we get how important the coordination of services and architectural features is for you. 70 years’ experience as both a main contractor and specialist service provider has taught us that you’re looking for an end-to-end solution.

Delivering Alchemy

Formerly McKeon Group Technology Division, we bring 70 years’ experience in contract and project management as both a main contractor and specialist service provider. Successfully delivering substantial projects in construction, mechanical & electrical building services, and audio-visual & automation.

Our experience in telecommunications engineering and IP network integration allows our team of technicians, programmers, system architects, UI designers, project managers and M&E engineers, to design, build and install a complete, smart system fully integrated securely on your network.

We partner with Crestron, Panasonic, Sony, Cisco, Poly, Oblong, Bose, Shure, Extron, Microsoft and Samsung. These are the technology industry’s leading innovators and best-in-class product and application developers.

We have a history of delivering enterprise grade audio-visual and automation systems across a multitude of sectors, including corporate, commercial, educational, hospitality, manufacturing, retail and critical environments in new developments and occupied workspaces.

Our Commitment to Innovation

At Hereworks we are constantly learning and adapting, innovation is one of our core values. We foster a culture of problem-solving in everything we do. From process innovation to ‘Innovation as a Service’ to our clients, we never stop innovating.

Awards & Accreditations

We are a multi-award-winning and highly accredited company because at Hereworks, we never stop innovating and asking; How can we do things better?

Our Awards

Our Accreditations