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Hereworks is a provider of commercial Smart Building & Technology solutions globally. We offer end-to-end solutions including Smart Building Technologies, Master Systems Integrator (MSI), IoT, Audio Visual Solutions and much more. We are unique in our ability to provide an integrated approach to our clients’ needs, ensuring that client brand and communication goals are met in a powerful combination of relevant solutions.

Hereworks’ very own SaaS solution for Smart Buildings is called Hereworks Happy™. This is a holistic platform that puts the occupant of a commercial building first. The platform ensures the occupant experience in the commercial property is going to be optimal, using the latest technology and is all centred around our unique “Hereworks Happy Score”. The Hereworks Happy™ Score is a percentage score for the building and unique to Hereworks. The goal is to achieve 100% happiness for the building, to create a comfortable, productive, warm, engaged, secure and healthy workspace. This ensures the wellbeing of occupants while operating at maximum efficiency and minimum carbon emissions.


The Hereworks Happy platform consists of 2 mobiles apps and a desktop dashboard. One app for the occupant and the other for Facility managers and workplace teams.

We are looking for an ambitious, self-motivated, hard-working individual with a proven track record to become part of the Hereworks Happy Team.


The Software Engineer will be the app developer responsible for developing the Hereworks Happiness and Insights Apps which are a vital component within the unique platform we are developing.  This position requires a team player that has the right mix of technical capabilities, is capable of working with the team both in-person and remote working, has creativity and self-motivation, can find solutions and implement best practice technology and design patterns so that, together, we can bring our new platform to market.


This will be a rewarding and challenging career opportunity for the right Individual with a competitive salary based on experience and qualifications.

Reports to:

The Software Engineer will report directly to the lead engineer on the team.


  • Developer for Hereworks Happy (TM), primarily front-end app implementation and potentially back-end/mid-end API Development and integration with third party API systems
  • Work with the team to supply input and feedback into all technical aspects of the Hereworks Happiness platform
  • Self-documentation of all technical development work
  • Assist in troubleshooting and repairing system issues
  • Being available for support especially for critical systems and technology of their own making
  • Full compliance with company and customer safety systems
  • Any other duties as required from time to time

Experience/Skills Required:

  • Programming languages: Primarily Javascript, Typescript, Python3
  • Frameworks: Primarily React native for IOS/Android App development & deployment
  • Support libraries as required: e.g. Firebase, AWS Amplify, Charting libraries
  • Programming tools & collaboration platforms: Git/Github, ESLint
  • Documentation standards: GitHub Markdown, GitHub Wiki
  • AWS Cloud Services knowledge advantageous but not critical: Lambda, API Gateway, Redis, DynamoDB, OpenSearch and other supporting services as required (e.g. Route 53, EC2, S3, ELB, Cloudwatch, SNS, SQS)
  • A knowledge of AWS IOT related services would be advantageous
  • Understanding of REST and API communications.
  • Knowledge of network/software security technologies (SSL/encryption/AWS Security groups/AWS IAM policies)
  • Computer Science degree would be an advantage
  • Existing experience working with chart and graphing libraries
  • Must have excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills and an ability to deal with both internal and external customers
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously
  • Should be responsible, flexible, self-motivated, hardworking and well-organised with the ability to work well in a team-based environment both on-site and remote working


Role will be in a hybrid capacity



How to Apply:

Please email a CV and cover note to

Our Core Values:

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