System Design

A good system design starts with a great concept. Our ability to provide a consultative approach to our client is key to ensuring that the concept is met with a powerful combination of integrated solutions. Our in-house design team includes system architects, network engineers, programmers and system life-cycle specialists.

System Design Personalised

To create a sleek user experience first we must learn who our users are and what challenges we are here to solve. To do this we take the time to walk in the user shoes.

The first stage of our design process is an in depth needs assessment. From there our technical team tailor bespoke solutions to meet the brief. We work alongside the building specifiers and interior designers to ensure seamless integration of our systems.

Our design objective is to make the AV and smart building technology invisible. Hereworks automate building services, digital displays and environmental controls to efficiently serve the occupants of the building.

Our philosophy is to provide digital communication technologies that users can learn how to use in as little as 60 seconds, spending less time trying to use technology and more time focusing on their tasks.