Smart Buildings

Truly smart buildings are designed for intuitive human building interaction. We create Smart Building solutions using functional system and occupant data, for the purpose of automated adaption to improve efficiency, functionality, comfort and to provide occupants with the interactive data to allow them to change habits to improve their happiness in the workspace. Hereworks converged smart buildings technologies engage the people and technology within, to better enable them both all while aiming for Carbon Neutrality.

Human Building Interaction

Buildings and workspaces are designed to enable people to perform their duties in a space most suited to achieving their goals efficiently. What if a building reacted to the realtime needs and wants of its occupants? What if the occupants of the building were actively engaged in the performance of the intelligent building systems, to increase their efficiency?

This is human building interaction; data has the power to transform our workplaces. Hereworks implement led walls, led displays, video walls, zoom rooms, interactive screens and room control systems in digital workplaces. At Hereworks, we are helping companies to use new and existing control systems and integration, and embrace the safe data & gathering technology to vastly improve the human and building performance.

The real value for companies is in integrating all systems on a converged network and gathering data on how the people and building interact with one another. The data is then utilised to greatly enhance the efficient use of space, yield massive energy savings while at the same time improving user experience, productivity and increasing satisfaction among occupants.

Master Systems Integrator (MSI)

Hereworks’ Master Systems Integrator Service (MSI) is unique to the Irish market and a combination of our Technology Disciplines within Hereworks coupled with our Mechanical, Electrical, BMS & Project Management expertise from the wider McKeon Group. Hereworks’ MSI’s ensure all intelligent building systems within a smart building communicate properly, they collaborate with the client and all project stakeholders to ensure systems will be accessible and usable, while developing software layers for integration, aggregation and communication of the buildings systems including:

– Amazon (AWS) IoT Core / Google (GCP) IoT Core
– Safety & Security – Intruder, Fire, Access Control, CCTV, Lifts
– Covid-19 Compliance Systems
– Telecommunications & IT Systems – UC, In-Building Cellular
– Audio Visual Systems – Digital Signage, Wayfinding, Info Kiosks
– BMS Systems – HVAC, Lighting
– Room, Desk & Parking Booking Systems
– Space Analytics Systems
– Energy Monitoring Systems (EMS)

Hereworks Happy™ Buildings

A Hereworks Happy™ Building enables unified communications and is connected to its occupiers through their phone or device allowing people to have better control over their immediate environment. The Happiness Score interprets the building’s data to drive iterative improvement of the users’ experience of spaces, promotes wellbeing, facilitates agile working, and increases engagement while they’re at work.

Audio Visual