Top 5 Benefits of a Smart Building

  • 13/04/2021
  • Audio Visual | Intuitive Collaboration | Smart Buildings
Smart buildings are designed for intuitive human building interaction. They use occupant data to facilitate efficiency, functionality and comfort. But what are the top 5 benefits of a smart buildings? 1. Produce Smart Data As innovative technology continuously monitors smart buildings, it is also capturing valuable data regarding how the

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider AVaaS

  • 07/04/2021
  • Audio Visual | AVaas | Digital Transformation | Smart Buildings
The AVaaS model has developed rapidly as it a simple and cost-effective application that enables workforce mobility. Covid 19 has been a catalyst that has forced companies to redesign the means by which they work and collaborate, and AVaaS is the solution. Check out the range of benefits below. Empowers

The Modern Workplace is Now. 

  • 25/03/2021
  • Intuitive Collaboration | Smart Buildings | Together Everywhere
How do Facilities teams make people in the building happier and more engaged?   Planning the desired workplace has happened reactively.  The world of work has faced a watershed. As workforces have been hastily redistributed in every industry and region, you’ve been compelled to reimagine the modern workplace – where it
  • 10/05/2021
  • Audio Visual | AVaas | Digital Transformation | Intuitive Collaboration | Smart Buildings
The final video in our series 'What do Smart Buildings feel like for the people in them.
  • 02/03/2021
  • Audio Visual | AVaas | Digital Transformation | Smart Buildings
This short video will help you to understand how best to help people be happier and more engaged with their work. Head over to Hereworks

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